Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, Dodge

Over the past couple of weeks, I have supplied you with many games to cure your dorm boredom. From hallway soccer to mud football, and even nerf wars! But I have one more in store for you fun seeking college students and I have most certainly saved the best for last, Dodgeball! Dodgeball is an extremely fast paced game where you try and hit other players with balls while you yourself are trying to avoid being hit. Every Thursday night in the Rec Gym, people play dodgeball from 11 till whenever and it is a blast. I encourage anyone to come out and play, it truly is a blast.

How to play:
  • Go to the Rec Gym at 11 on Thursday night. Bring Friends!
  • Split up into 2 even teams. Each team must start out with the same number of balls.
  • Someone says, "1,2,3 Dodgeball!" and the game begins.
  • There are white lines set up on the court. You must remain inside the white lines in order to get someone on the opposite team out. There also is a white line in the middle of the court which you cannot cross or else you are out.
  • To get someone out, either hit them with a ball if you throw it from inside the white lines, or if you catch a ball that has been thrown by someone on the other team while inside the white lines.
  • Once hit or caught out, you must stand on the side of the court in a line with your team in the order that you got out.
  • If someone on your team catches a ball while inside the white lines, then the first person in line goes back into the game.
  • The game ends once every player on a team is out.
  • "If you're going to become true dodgeballers, then you've got to learn the five d's of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!" says Patches O'Houlihan from the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.
  • Practice, you will only get better by practicing, which is easy since they have dodgeball going on every week.
I hope that by reading my blog you will always have something to do on Eastern University's extremely lively campus.

Enjoy and Have Fun!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mud Football

Nothing's worse than a boring rainy day at Eastern University right? Wrong! There are very fun activities that you can still take part in with your friends even though the weather may appear unpleasant. For example, mud football. When you thought the sport of backyard football could not be any better, it starts to rain, and mud is produced. There is nothing more fun than playing a game of tackle football with your friends in the pouring rain and mud. Caution: You are going to get very dirty and wet. Do not wear your Sunday's best.

  • Football
  • Group of friends 5 or more
  • Bad clothes
How to Play:
  • Find a big enough area to play on. For example, the outfield on the baseball field.
  • Split up the teams evenly. If you have an odd number group of friends, then someone is going to have to be constant QB, where they are always on offense.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors for who gets the ball first. Losing team kicks off to the other team.
  • You get 4 downs, or 4 plays, to score a touchdown.
  • First one to 5 touchdowns wins, and then switch up the teams and choose another person to be constant QB if neccessary.
  • Must tackle the person with possession of the ball to the ground in order for the play to stop.
  • Only 4 downs to score. If you do not get it, then it is the other teams ball where the last play ended.
  • Have Fun!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Another fun game that you can play when you and some of your friends are bored is 21. 21 is a fast paced half court basketball game. It is extremely fun and very competitive. The goal of the game is to be the first player to score 21 points. You need three or more friends to play. All of the same rules for basketball apply for 21, with the exception of no out of bounds, and no fouls.

  • 3 or more friends
  • basketball
  • court to play on
How to Play:
  • Have player 1 shoot an uncontested shot from the free throw line, while players 2 and 3 position themselves for a possible rebound.
  • Player 1 shoots free throws until he misses.
  • Once player 1 misses, the ball is live and everyone goes for the rebound. Whoever gets the ball must take it past the 3 point line to clear it. Once he or she does this, then that person is trying to score against two opposing players.
  • Once a player scores, then that player goes to the free throw line to take uncontested shots until they miss.
  • Free throw shots earn a player 1 point while baskets in live play earn 2.
  • To win the game, a player must get to exactly 21 points. If the player is at 20 and misses the free throw, that players score is reduced to 11.
  • Another way to reduce a players score is if a players shot is "tipped," or if a player misses his shot and another player rebounds it and puts the ball in the hoop before his feet hit the ground. If this happens, the player who missed the shot and was "tipped" gets his score reduced to 0.
21 is a very fun game to play when you and your friends are bored and are looking for some good exercise.
Have Fun!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Nerf War!

My friends and I were a little bored this weekend counting down the hours until we could go trick or treating. So we decided to take a trip to Wal-Mart. While at Wal-Mart we found these amazing nerf guns, so obviously we had to buy them. Instantly we called all of our other friends back at the dorm and told them to go out and buy some nerf guns of there own so we could have a Nerf War. Everyone was in. This is how we played:

How to play:
  • Find a big area with many obstacles that can be used for cover (my friends and I used our floor's lounge)
  • Split up your friends into 2 even teams
  • Players enter the game with three "lives"
  • When a player is shot, they lose a life and leave play for 15 seconds
  • After the time has elapsed, they can re-enter the game by moving outside of combat and yelling "clear"
  • A player is permanently out when all of their lives have been lost
  • The best gun on the market is the "N-STRIKE RAIDER RAPID FIRE CS-35." It holds the most darts of any gun on the market with a whopping 35 dart capacity.
  • Do not buy the "Buzzsaw" no matter how cool the name may sound. It fires balls which are easier to dodge than darts, and you have to charge up the gun for each shot.
Have Fun!
P.S. Do not aim for the face as eye injuries are soon to follow.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Water Game

There are few games that can truly make you pee yourself because you are laughing so hard. This is definitely one of them. There really isn't a name for this game, so I am just going to call it The Water Game.

  • Friends (the more the merrier)
  • Water
How To Play:
  • Everyone in the group must fill their mouths with as much water as possible
  • The object of the game is to be the last one with water still in your mouth
  • You cannot swallow the water
  • Besides that there are no rules
  • You can do anything to make everyone else laugh the water out of their mouths, which includes tickling
This game can get very messy and wet, so be prepared. This game provides many laughs and my friends and I have had a blast playing it.


Monday, October 19, 2009


Minesweeper is the best game you can play if you are sitting down at your desk trying to procrastinate from writing your 2000 word problem-solving essay (which you shouldn't do.) It is a game of strategy. The object of the game is to clear an minefield without detonating a mine. Hence the name "Minesweeper."

How to Play:
  • There are 3 difficulties you can choose from, Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. Initially, you begin a game by taking wild guesses around the board until a suitable group of block reveals itself. From here, note the different numbers; these numbers represent the number of mines touching the box containing that particular number.
  • If there is a #1 in the box, then there is only one mine touching that box. You want to single out which one the mine is, and right click that box to put a flag on it, disarming the mine. If there is a #3 or even #5 on one of the boxes, then be careful cause there are a lot more mines around those spaces.
  • Once all mines are disarmed you win the game! There is a timer up top so you can try and achieve a better time later on.
  • Practice, practice, practice! The only way to get faster is to train your brain to learn certain patterns!
  • Stay focused, simple mistakes can end a game quickly!
Be careful, Minesweeper is a very addictive game and can turn into a MASSIVE time waster! But if you really enjoy playing Minesweeper and are interested in other fun computer games, then check out this blog here that has tons of other computer games that you can try out.

Have Fun!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Art of Mario Kart

If you are going to play only one of the games that I blog about, this is the one to play. The greatest game ever to be played by humans. Mario Kart!

Mario Kart

  • Nintendo 64
  • Controllers
  • TV
  • Friends
How to Play:
  • First you choose your character that you are going to race with. The characters to choose from consist of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario and Bowser. Yoshi is the best character you can choose. He is fast, great at turns, and very cute.
  • You then must choose the track that you are going to race on. There are alot of tracks in Mario Kart 64, I will give you the top 5: #5 Wario Stadium #4 Luigi's Circuit #3 Koopa Troopa Beach #2 MooMoo Farm #1 Toad's Turnpike
  • Controls: A button is to accelerate. B is to Brake. Z is to throw item. R is to Drift. Joystick is to steer.
  • Tip: Time your acceleration in the beginning till right after the second light lights up. If you do this correctly, then you will receive a boost in speed that might just be the deciding factor in the race.
Mario Kart 64 is the ultimate dorm room game and will will provide you with many countless hours of pure entertainment. With this game, YOU WILL NEVER BE BORED AGAIN!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hockey Analysis

Hockey is a fast paced and physical sport with very limited rules and regulations. Due to this, there is a lot of fighting in Hockey. There are no rules against fighting except for the miniscule 5 min penalty. The reason for the allowance of fighting in hockey is that it draws in fans. They are using humanity's attraction for violence in order to sell tickets.

Hockey is an extremely physical sport with fast paced action. Hockey rinks are considerably small for a sports arena. The "blue line" rule which makes it so that if you cross the blue line with the puck you can not come back over makes it an even smaller playing area makes for closer quarters and more physical play. With more physical play and aggression, there are bound to be many fights.

There are very few rules in the sport of Hockey. You are allowed to check another playing, to lay them out and even able to take off your gloves and helmet and fight. There is only a 5 min penalty for fighting in the National Hockey League. With such a miniscule penalty for fighting, players do not hesitate to drop their gloves.

The reason for the allowance of fighting in hockey is that it draws in fans. Humanity has always been attracted to the expression of aggression. Ever since the Roman Empire when thousands would gather around to see Gladiators battle. Hockey is using this same mentality that the Romans used in order to make money. The sad thing is that it's working. Many people gather around Hockey arenas each week thriving to see a fight; making for little change within the rule-book of the NHL.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


So if Hallway Soccer is getting too old for you or your RA has forbidden you from playing it since everything in the hall has now been broken, there is no need to worry; I have another game for your enjoyment.


  • Deck of Cards
  • Approximately 8+ Friends
How to Play Mafia:
  • Pick one of your friends who has played the game before to be the narrator. Preferably someone who is very creative so they can think of elaborate stories for when someone is murdered.
  • Shuffle the cards and make sure that there is at least 2 kings, 1 queen, 1 jack and enough regular cards for the rest of your friends.
  • King is Mafia which means that each round you chose someone to kill. Queen is Doctor and each round they choose someone to save. Jack is the sheriff and he gets to guess at who the Mafia is once a round. The rest of the people are just Townspeople who get to accuse someone of being the Mafia after each round is over.
  • Each round the narrator tells everyone to go to sleep or just close your eyes. He then tells the Mafia to wake up. The Mafia then chooses someone to kill by pointing at them.
  • The narrator then tells the Mafia to go back asleep and asks the doctor to wake up. The doctor points towards someone to save (you can choose yourself if you are that selfish).
  • The doctor then goes back to sleep and the sheriff wakes up. The sheriff points to someone who he thinks is the Mafia and the narrator will nod yes or no.
  • The narrator then tells everyone to wake up. If the doctor did not choose the right person to save, then the narrator tells an elaborate creative story on how one of your friends died. Once dead, you can no longer talk and are out of the game. Everyone then talks over who they think the Mafia is. Once a majority vote is reached that person is eliminated from the game. If that person is not the Mafia, then the game continues and everyone goes back to sleep.
  • The game ends once there are more Mafia's left then townspeople, or the one Mafia makes it to the last round.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hallway Soccer

Even though it may be quite hard to believe that someone could ever get board on Eastern's extremely lively campus. You may find yourself in the rare situation of having nothing to do. I have the cure. Each week I am going to post a new game that I invent for your enjoyment and use. For my first post:

Hallway Soccer

  • Ball (preferably a soft air ball that can be purchased at Wal-Mart)
  • A Friend
  • A Hallway
  • The 2 players must stand 15 yards apart (or 4 doors apart)
  • No shoes
  • Must win by 2
How to Play The Game:
  • Rock Paper Scissors, winner gets choice of either first kick or choice of side of the hallway
  • Player has to kick the ball past the opposing player in order to achieve a point
  • Play to 5 but must win by 2
Hopefully this game will cure your dorm boredom until next week. Just do not play this game after 11:00 or your hall-mates might get extremely angry at you.