Monday, September 7, 2009

Hallway Soccer

Even though it may be quite hard to believe that someone could ever get board on Eastern's extremely lively campus. You may find yourself in the rare situation of having nothing to do. I have the cure. Each week I am going to post a new game that I invent for your enjoyment and use. For my first post:

Hallway Soccer

  • Ball (preferably a soft air ball that can be purchased at Wal-Mart)
  • A Friend
  • A Hallway
  • The 2 players must stand 15 yards apart (or 4 doors apart)
  • No shoes
  • Must win by 2
How to Play The Game:
  • Rock Paper Scissors, winner gets choice of either first kick or choice of side of the hallway
  • Player has to kick the ball past the opposing player in order to achieve a point
  • Play to 5 but must win by 2
Hopefully this game will cure your dorm boredom until next week. Just do not play this game after 11:00 or your hall-mates might get extremely angry at you.

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