Sunday, November 8, 2009


Another fun game that you can play when you and some of your friends are bored is 21. 21 is a fast paced half court basketball game. It is extremely fun and very competitive. The goal of the game is to be the first player to score 21 points. You need three or more friends to play. All of the same rules for basketball apply for 21, with the exception of no out of bounds, and no fouls.

  • 3 or more friends
  • basketball
  • court to play on
How to Play:
  • Have player 1 shoot an uncontested shot from the free throw line, while players 2 and 3 position themselves for a possible rebound.
  • Player 1 shoots free throws until he misses.
  • Once player 1 misses, the ball is live and everyone goes for the rebound. Whoever gets the ball must take it past the 3 point line to clear it. Once he or she does this, then that person is trying to score against two opposing players.
  • Once a player scores, then that player goes to the free throw line to take uncontested shots until they miss.
  • Free throw shots earn a player 1 point while baskets in live play earn 2.
  • To win the game, a player must get to exactly 21 points. If the player is at 20 and misses the free throw, that players score is reduced to 11.
  • Another way to reduce a players score is if a players shot is "tipped," or if a player misses his shot and another player rebounds it and puts the ball in the hoop before his feet hit the ground. If this happens, the player who missed the shot and was "tipped" gets his score reduced to 0.
21 is a very fun game to play when you and your friends are bored and are looking for some good exercise.
Have Fun!

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