Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hockey Analysis

Hockey is a fast paced and physical sport with very limited rules and regulations. Due to this, there is a lot of fighting in Hockey. There are no rules against fighting except for the miniscule 5 min penalty. The reason for the allowance of fighting in hockey is that it draws in fans. They are using humanity's attraction for violence in order to sell tickets.

Hockey is an extremely physical sport with fast paced action. Hockey rinks are considerably small for a sports arena. The "blue line" rule which makes it so that if you cross the blue line with the puck you can not come back over makes it an even smaller playing area makes for closer quarters and more physical play. With more physical play and aggression, there are bound to be many fights.

There are very few rules in the sport of Hockey. You are allowed to check another playing, to lay them out and even able to take off your gloves and helmet and fight. There is only a 5 min penalty for fighting in the National Hockey League. With such a miniscule penalty for fighting, players do not hesitate to drop their gloves.

The reason for the allowance of fighting in hockey is that it draws in fans. Humanity has always been attracted to the expression of aggression. Ever since the Roman Empire when thousands would gather around to see Gladiators battle. Hockey is using this same mentality that the Romans used in order to make money. The sad thing is that it's working. Many people gather around Hockey arenas each week thriving to see a fight; making for little change within the rule-book of the NHL.

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