Monday, October 19, 2009


Minesweeper is the best game you can play if you are sitting down at your desk trying to procrastinate from writing your 2000 word problem-solving essay (which you shouldn't do.) It is a game of strategy. The object of the game is to clear an minefield without detonating a mine. Hence the name "Minesweeper."

How to Play:
  • There are 3 difficulties you can choose from, Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. Initially, you begin a game by taking wild guesses around the board until a suitable group of block reveals itself. From here, note the different numbers; these numbers represent the number of mines touching the box containing that particular number.
  • If there is a #1 in the box, then there is only one mine touching that box. You want to single out which one the mine is, and right click that box to put a flag on it, disarming the mine. If there is a #3 or even #5 on one of the boxes, then be careful cause there are a lot more mines around those spaces.
  • Once all mines are disarmed you win the game! There is a timer up top so you can try and achieve a better time later on.
  • Practice, practice, practice! The only way to get faster is to train your brain to learn certain patterns!
  • Stay focused, simple mistakes can end a game quickly!
Be careful, Minesweeper is a very addictive game and can turn into a MASSIVE time waster! But if you really enjoy playing Minesweeper and are interested in other fun computer games, then check out this blog here that has tons of other computer games that you can try out.

Have Fun!

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