Sunday, September 27, 2009


So if Hallway Soccer is getting too old for you or your RA has forbidden you from playing it since everything in the hall has now been broken, there is no need to worry; I have another game for your enjoyment.


  • Deck of Cards
  • Approximately 8+ Friends
How to Play Mafia:
  • Pick one of your friends who has played the game before to be the narrator. Preferably someone who is very creative so they can think of elaborate stories for when someone is murdered.
  • Shuffle the cards and make sure that there is at least 2 kings, 1 queen, 1 jack and enough regular cards for the rest of your friends.
  • King is Mafia which means that each round you chose someone to kill. Queen is Doctor and each round they choose someone to save. Jack is the sheriff and he gets to guess at who the Mafia is once a round. The rest of the people are just Townspeople who get to accuse someone of being the Mafia after each round is over.
  • Each round the narrator tells everyone to go to sleep or just close your eyes. He then tells the Mafia to wake up. The Mafia then chooses someone to kill by pointing at them.
  • The narrator then tells the Mafia to go back asleep and asks the doctor to wake up. The doctor points towards someone to save (you can choose yourself if you are that selfish).
  • The doctor then goes back to sleep and the sheriff wakes up. The sheriff points to someone who he thinks is the Mafia and the narrator will nod yes or no.
  • The narrator then tells everyone to wake up. If the doctor did not choose the right person to save, then the narrator tells an elaborate creative story on how one of your friends died. Once dead, you can no longer talk and are out of the game. Everyone then talks over who they think the Mafia is. Once a majority vote is reached that person is eliminated from the game. If that person is not the Mafia, then the game continues and everyone goes back to sleep.
  • The game ends once there are more Mafia's left then townspeople, or the one Mafia makes it to the last round.

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