Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mud Football

Nothing's worse than a boring rainy day at Eastern University right? Wrong! There are very fun activities that you can still take part in with your friends even though the weather may appear unpleasant. For example, mud football. When you thought the sport of backyard football could not be any better, it starts to rain, and mud is produced. There is nothing more fun than playing a game of tackle football with your friends in the pouring rain and mud. Caution: You are going to get very dirty and wet. Do not wear your Sunday's best.

  • Football
  • Group of friends 5 or more
  • Bad clothes
How to Play:
  • Find a big enough area to play on. For example, the outfield on the baseball field.
  • Split up the teams evenly. If you have an odd number group of friends, then someone is going to have to be constant QB, where they are always on offense.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors for who gets the ball first. Losing team kicks off to the other team.
  • You get 4 downs, or 4 plays, to score a touchdown.
  • First one to 5 touchdowns wins, and then switch up the teams and choose another person to be constant QB if neccessary.
  • Must tackle the person with possession of the ball to the ground in order for the play to stop.
  • Only 4 downs to score. If you do not get it, then it is the other teams ball where the last play ended.
  • Have Fun!

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